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After receiving a prophecy that can’t possibly be true about a werewolf, not like others, who is destined to protect his daughter, Olesa Tamind, who is one day supposed to save the known world, Constin Sal Tamind makes an easy decision to leave Heartfield and the church he has called home for many years in an attempt to protect his daughter.

But it seems from the moment he makes the decision, trouble starts to follow them, beginning with the army at the gates of Heartfield which forces him to make the choice to flee through the forest to go to the small town of South Marsh. The only problem now is that they need a guide. Although his friend in the city, a brothel owner, is able to help him with that, Constin and the others soon find out that the guide isn’t a friendly man. Unfortunately, they have no choice but to hire him.

They flee into the forest with the knowledge that it won’t be an easy journey. After the woodsman takes them through the forest and they are on the edge of the road that will lead them to South Marsh, their future takes a turn for the worst. Someone has attacked them. During the fight, the group gets separated and Constin discovers that he has no idea where Olesa has gone. Hope is fading fast, but he is determined to be reunited with his daughter and continues on, hoping to find answers elsewhere.

As time passes, Constin discovers that his daughter is taken by slavers, but they aren’t ordinary slavers. They are elves; the scourge of the land; the fantasy of delusional men. At least, they know where to start looking for her even if the prospect of her future is graver. Unfortunately some cities still deal in slaves. These are the uncivilized cities where wealth is rewarded.

Along their separate journeys, their lives will be changed forever. Their resolve will be tested. Their faith will be challenged. And the freedom they all love will be in jeopardy. In the end, they will face a more dangerous and terrifying adversary than what they were running from.

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September 14, 2015
Propechy's End is live. The first chapter is on our blog. You can find it here.

​​July 26, 2015
It's been a pretty busy few years. We are just a month and 3 days from book 3 of the Trilogy of the Wolf coming out!!!! Yay!!!!! It is titled Prophecy's End. Within a few weeks, hopefully, we'll be putting up the cover page and description here.​

October 24, 2014

Today, we've updated the page to include book 2 of the Trilogy of the Wolf: The Curse. There are also links included taking you directly to the book whether it is paperback or ebook.​​

​​Nov. 27, 2013
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know we're a day early, but since we'll be on the road and in the air tomorrow we decided to say it today. Just to remind everyone, the Kindle version of Full Moon Rising will be free on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. That's this Saturday and Sunday. Happy Holidays everyone!​

​Nov. 15, 2013
Once again, updates are becoming spread out. Unfortunately writing a novel, or several, is not a quick and simple process. Sometimes updates about what we're doing won't be coming every day. But today we have news in the form of another free weekend for our debut novel. Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st will be the last two days you can get Full Moon Rising for free in the Kindle Store. We'll make sure to do updates more frequently about this as it gets closer.​

​Oct. 20, 2013
Whoa! Severe lack of updating! Sorry about that. Work and other RL issues like to rear their ugly heads. Anyway, on one of the pages of our newly established blog, we have decided to post the first chapter of Full Moon Rising. Feel free to head over there and take a look. You can find it here.​

​Oct. 11, 2013

In an effort to expand our online presence ​and to add to our list of things to do, we have decided to do a blog. The info is also on our Contact page, but if you are interested you can find the blog at this address: thehutchissonauthors.wordpress.com

Sept. 29, 2013
The reformatted Kindle version is now up. We learned quite a few things about how to        make it easier to navigate the book on eReaders. This has been a very fun                    learning experience.

Sept. 21, 2013
                During the free promotion of Full Moon Rising on Kindle we noticed that the formatting wasn't the best. This is the first time we've ever done                     anything for the Kindle and it showed. But now, we have reformatted it and hopefully it will look much better. It might be a few days for this                     version to actually be up.​

​Sept. 17, 2013
​                 Woo hoo! 220 people have taken advantage of Full Moon being free on the Kindle! Today is the last day of this awesome offer!

​​​Sept. 14, 2013
We now have a link up for the Kindle version of our book.​ In honor of that, we have decided to let
everyone have a free shot at our book. Starting tomorrow, Full Moon Rising (the Kindle version)
will be free for 3 days. That will be Sept. 15, 16 and 17. Get it for free while you can!​​
Sept. 11, 2013
                  Website is now up and running. We will hopefully be adding more to it in the coming                                                                            weeks and months.

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The Hunting Grounds are all but abandoned. Humans and elves, alike, fled the devastation wrought by the werewolves. Even the landscape itself is dying. Some say, it is because of the corruption the werewolves bring.

Despite knowing this, Constin Sal Tamind and his daughter, Olesa, strike out into this wasteland in search of a way to help the werewolves. With the help of a new friend and a man who can track anything anywhere, they will face dangers they never even knew existed.

In this harsh and unforgiving land, Constin and Olesa will find themselves challenged in ways they never expected as a new kind of evil makes itself known. Constin will worry about Olesa losing her humanity and becoming jaded toward the world. Olesa will know that she wants to help the werewolves, but she will struggle with how she can help them.

Finding allies and enemies along the way, Constin and Olesa will travel the length of the Hunting Grounds. They will both learn that their choices have consequences and that some things are unavoidable.

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The Curse​​
Not all is what it seems.

Fate pulls strongly in one direction.
Two souls, bound to one another by birth, are drawn toward a destructive end. They must fight a battle they never chose to fight, but one they were born to fight to unite the world. 

A sorceress watches her puppets dance. A mad king continues to expand his dominance over the known world. The world has been sunk into chaos. Only a few can stand against it.

Together and separate, Mara and Draik have to find their place in the world and their place in the prophecy that started many years before they were ever born.

Will they realize what they must do before it’s too late?​

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