Future Work
Oct. 5, 2013
New addition to the page. We will now be uploading progress on Project JPL.​

​Sept. 17, 2013
New page up. We will use this page to announce progress on our current projects and when we expect them to be finished.​

You won't need a crystal ball to see what the future holds for our writing.
Prophecy's End Book 3 of Trilogy of the Wolf will be coming to Amazon on August 29, 2015

​​Hopefully coming early 2015, Story J will be getting put up on CreateSpace, Amazon and the Kindle store.

Project A is in the works. Rough draft was unsatisfactory, so we are working on the re-write now.

Project S is going well. This is in its 4 iteration, but still only the rough draft. We are 13 chapters into it right now.

Project JPL has just started. This story was born from Jess really liking an idea Jeff had for a FanFiction, but wanted it as​​ a series of novels instead. The original FanFic form will be preserved, as that is how Jeff is writing it, so it can be posted on FanFiction.net in line with the publication of the first novel.

Upcoming stories will be posted here and the progress updates on them, if any. For obvious reasons of not wanting the unimaginative out there to steal the awesome names of our books, we will be referring to them by the first letter in the title. If the story is the sequel to another story, we will make sure to put that info in the line about the story as well.